Pimcore Vs. EnterWorks – Which is Best for Your Organization?

Product and customer data play a crucial role in any e-commerce business. The success of the business heavily relies on how efficiently they manage data, which is a key element for any business.

A Product Information Management (PIM) tool emerged as a life-savior when it comes to managing a large volume of product data and improving its quality. A robust PIM enables efficient data collection, data creation, data import and export, data enrichment, distribution and governance.

What is PIM?

A PIM is a tool or a set of tools that allow business owners and e-commerce retailers distribute and manage product information across numerous digital channels. It acts as a centralized hub for storing, accessing and enriching product data.

As your product catalog grows in size or you wish to expand business to new horizons, a PIM platform helps you scale up by managing your data effectively. It also lets you manage digital experiences across multiple sales and marketing channels, such as online store, marketplaces, social media and so on.

There are many product information management tools available in the market today that offer excellent solutions. Pimcore and EnterWorks are the two most popular PIM platforms that are scored high for their performance and quality.

In this article, we will go through the features and advantages of both, so you can choose the best suitable platform for your organization.

Pimcore Vs. EnterWorks: Overview


Pimcore is one of the world’s leading, open-source PIM solutions that offer in-built product information management and master data management. With Pimcore, businesses can centralize and consolidate all sales, marketing and technical product information in order to deliver consistent and omnichannel experiences.

Pimcore can efficiently manage any type and any amount of data, making easy for businesses to distribute consistent, accurate and updated product information across all channels. It helps eliminate data silos and drive business efficiency.

Pimcore offers several modules that are majorly divided into two categories: data management and experience management. PIM, DAM, MDM and CDC fall into data management, while DXP and digital commerce platform fall into experience management.

The combination of product data management and customer experience management tools helps businesses, such as retail, e-commerce, construction and food & beverages achieve better operational efficiency along with seamless integration with other programs for thriving business performance.


EnterWorks is an enterprise-level PIM, MDM and DAM solution that enables organizations to embrace digital transformation and thrive their sales in today’s competitive market. The platform transforms product information into personalized content that can be used for sales, marketing, e-commerce and new market opportunities. Similar to Pimcore, EnterWorks offers a single view of content across all customer touchpoints.

EnterWorks has PIM and DAM integrated in its core product line and works with a number of implementation partners to make product management workflows more streamlined and agile.

It also supports headless architecture that aids in streamlining data flow and send the product data to the distribution channel. Furthermore, EnterWorks uses ML and AI to analyze, enrich and syndicate product information across numerous channels.

Pimcore Vs. EnterWorks: Features

Both Pimcore and EnterWorks allow organizations to collect important data across numerous channels. Both platforms offer a centralized space to store and manage the gathered data. Let’s take a look at different features offered by these platforms.

Top Features of Pimcore

Pimcore is a highly configurable, component-driven platform that offers built-in features required to tackle any level of complexity in data management.

  • Flexible data model allows you to create simple as well as complex data models with ease.
  • Comprehensively manage all product data by assigning roles and permissions through extensive administration panel.
  • Maintain high data quality by standardizing, structuring and enriching information.
  • A centralized place for storing all digital resources, such as graphics, images, videos and documents.
  • Efficient workflow management by creating clearly defined business processes that boost productivity and accuracy.
  • Product data syndication to multiple sales and marketing channels in compliance with their respective standards.
  • API-based architecture to connect anything and everything.
  • Omni-channel publishing to automatically send the right product information to the right channel.

Top Features of EnterWorks

EnterWorks has its own set of features for data management that transforms product information into persuasive content that drives more sales.

  • Seamless integration of enterprise databases and applications through multi-domain master data management.
  • Aggregate, distribute, update and manage product information across all channels and applications that drive your business.
  • Implement a robust set of workflow management tools to enforce and automate data integration practices and data flow across numerous applications and sources.
  • Full-featured DAM platform makes easy to manage any type of unstructured data as well as streamline categorizing, storing and maintaining product related files.
  • Support for multi-country, multi-lingual and multi-cultural content that automatically generate localized output files.
  • Create practically any kind of hierarchy based on the user preferences and data relationships through drag and drop interface.
  • Assign attributes at any level in the taxonomy and enable attributes to be inherited up and down the structure.

Pimcore Vs. EnterWorks: Advantages

Advantages of Pimcore

End-to-end product data management

Pimcore provides an enhanced PIM system to brands, allowing them to access complete, accurate and consistent product information along with easy editing, control versioning, managing user rights, data validation, publishing and more. In all, Pimcore can help improve product data quality and improve product lifecycle.

Better digital experiences

Since Pimcore offers a single repository to manage, enrich and distribute product information across multiple channels, this result in greater efficiency and consistency across channels, enabling brands to deliver exceptional digital experiences.

Businesses can benefit from omnichannel selling, faster product launches and create channel-specific campaigns that directly improve customer shopping experiences.

Seamless integration with other applications

One of the best advantages of using Pimcore is enterprises can integrate it with any existing ERP systems, CRM, logic, tracking systems, BI software or any third-party application. Pimcore can be effectively integrated with new and existing systems, enabling organizations to have quick and easy data import and export.  

Faster product launches

Pimcore makes the product data delivery much more accurate and faster. Brands can leverage multichannel data delivery and distribution system that allows them to launch new products faster in the market and reach target audiences through the preferred channel.

Advantages of EnterWorks

Multiple domains in a single tool

With EnterWorks, businesses can manage several systems, such as PIM, DAM and MDM from a single hub. This accelerates time to value, lowers ownership costs and helps acquire cross-domain intelligence. All together, EnterWorks facilitates businesses to speed up their processes.

Improve data quality

MDM software available in EnterWorks allows you to manage all aspects of data in the master record. It improves overall data governance, data quality and data security standards through an adaptive framework that matches the context of different business industries.


EnterWorks enables businesses to get a trusted view of data and content across all channels to power their business. This facilitates them to scale easily, adapt quickly and gain competitive advantage by keeping up with the changing business landscape.


EnterWorks offers extensible and cutting-edge platform that enables businesses to bring all the existing product data together and create a greater base to work. The platform can manage any amount and any type of data, and solve even the most complex data challenges.

Pimcore Vs. EnterWorks: Which is the Best?

Both platforms offer excellent features that make product data management a breeze. However, considering the changing market trends and demands, enterprises must evaluate their needs before picking the right PIM platform. Every organization has its own set of protocols to follow and requirements to fulfill. 

Depending upon your business requirements and goals, a suitable PIM platform can allow you to gain a competitive advantage. In the event you still have doubts about which PIM solution will be best for your business, get in touch with us today. Our PIM experts will work out on your requirements and suggest the right PIM solution.

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