Consolidate your data spread across numerous retail channels to deliver a seamless shopping experience with a product information management tool that is specifically built to simplify product management. A PIM for retail enables businesses to centralize and enrich product data that not only drive more sales, but deliver a superior customer shopping experience across all sales channels.

Enhance your product data that drives more retail sales

In the retail industry, if you are able to offer instant and personalized shopping experience, then you can successfully attract, retain and satisfy customers. Product data is the key between retailers and customers. But, product information management for retail business owners can be a time-consuming task. However, the importance of managing product data in retail cannot be overlooked.

A retail business involves product data coming from innumerable sources, such as suppliers, agencies, distributors, brand owners and internal teams, each having their own set of standards and formats, which can be difficult to comprehend. The variety and size of data must be normalized, organized and enriched before it is published.

With a PIM solution for retail, you can store and organize all your data in one place, create product catalogs in multiple formats and tell a consistent product story across all your sales channels. It helps structure and consolidated data, and streamline customer experience at a personalized level. Hence, as a retailer, you can reach the right audience at the right time.

How a PIM Can Help in Your Retail Business?

Centralize and organize product data

In any retail business, there are product data coming from numerous sources in different formats. This data is often unorganized, which can lead to outdated product information being shared with different teams and channels. Incomplete or inaccurate product information can quickly turn customers away.

A PIM for retail offers a single system of record for all product data, for all your vendors, internal teams and channels. It allows you to import data from different sources and provide a unified view of data. A PIM simplifies product management by allowing you to centralize, standardize and organize product content.

Enable multichannel selling

If you are planning to expand your business in other physical areas or online, each of these channels has their own different product guidelines, and managing accurate, complete and updated product information across these channels can be challenging.

Implementing a PIM solution for retail, you can serve each channel with the relevant product data, channel-specific attributes and messaging. A PIM simplifies complex product information management needs for multi-channel success.

Enhance product experience

What your customers feel about your product can make or break your business. Better product information always leads to a happier customer. Hence, providing rich product data should always be on top of your mind.

To deliver good product experience, retailers must adopt a PIM solution that delivers comprehensive, insightful and contextual product information. The tool also analyzes the quality of data to identify errors and duplication that need fixing. Any changes to product data will be automatically updated across all selling channels. Enriching product data can result in superior shopping experience, allowing customers to make an informed purchased decision.

Effective collaboration

Your retail business may have several teams involved, such as product teams, inventory management teams, catalog managers, supply chain and stakeholders. When different teams are involved, it becomes crucial to ensure the same data is available to all the people involved.

With a PIM, all teams can collaborate effectively by creating an automated workflow that reduces errors and redundancies. Everyone gets access to the same data required to execute an operation, and thereby, bringing your products faster in the market.

Reduce human error

Since the data is coming from different sources, there are high chances of error that could lead to bigger issues without proper PIM system in place. Organizations can integrate PIM systems with existing platforms to ensure customers have access to accurate and complete product information.

PIM system can also be integrated with other tools, such as product lifecycle management and inventory management systems to pull product inventory data and specifications into a centralized repository.

Automate retail operations

A PIM system not only helps in managing product data, but also increases your employees productivity by helping you automate manual data processes. A PIM can automatically share information between multiple teams quickly and market products through multiple channels.

Implementing PIM can help correct data silos, eliminate manual data entry need, sort data quickly, reduce wasted resources and help you get your products faster in the market. It enables your staff to work independently and efficiently by making everyone’s work easier in the long run.Implementing PIM can help correct data silos, eliminate manual data entry need, sort data quickly, reduce wasted resources and help you get your products faster in the market. It enables your staff to work independently and efficiently by making everyone’s work easier in the long run.

Enrich your product data quality with cutting-edge PIM for retail

Velox Softech is one of the leading PIM development service providers for retail brands by taking into account their specific business needs. We support retail businesses to overcome critical retail challenges, such as creating, organizing and distributing product information through a single platform. At Velox Softech, we have empowered a number of retailers with efficient PIM solutions that gives them complete control over their product information to achieve desired business goals.

Delivering cutting-edge PIM solutions, we also help retailers gain a competitive edge by displaying accurate and updated product content across all sales channels and creating personalized product experiences for target customers. We also help retailers digitize their collaborations with their business partners, such as vendors, suppliers, stakeholders and customers.

A PIM implementation can truly transform your retail business and harmonize all product data and catalogs. If you wish to make your retail business immensely successful, implement bespoke product information management system with Velox Softech.

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