4 Signs You Should Get an Efficient PIM System

It is not always the likes, shares and advertisements that contribute to increasing your customer base. In fact, the most critical factor for expanding your e-Commerce customers is often overlooked, which is having a proper product information management system. As your business scales up and your product range expands, it becomes necessary to integrate a robust PIM system that not only saves time and generates more revenue but also drives customer experience. 

Today’s users browse products from multiple shops and channels, which is why it is important for online retailers to use a PIM that allows them to store, retrieve, upload and manage product data effortlessly. If you run an eCommerce store and haven’t yet included PIM in your applications, here are 4 signs that say you need a PIM solution right away. 

#1 The number of customers returning their products increases

Do your customers return products too often? Or they are not very clear about the product details? That is, perhaps, because the product information provided to the customers is not adequate. There may be some information missing, or information is not up to the date. They may be looking for some more photos or an instructional video on how to use it. A PIM system allows you to monitor complete product information, so you may know what is missing and what needs to be added. When you provide complete product information that satisfies customers, they are less likely to return products. 

#2 You are not able to maintain product data received from multiple suppliers

If your shop is filled with a lot of products, you may lose a sight on your product information. You receive information from suppliers in all types of formats, such as CSV files, Zip, PDF and so on. This may create inconsistency in information because it is stored in different formats and locations. The information may be wrong, outdated, or incomplete. When you integrate PIM in your e-commerce site, you get hold of all product data. You can store them in a similar format and manage data from anywhere, without losing its consistency. 

#3 You are always occupied in monitoring product information

Managing product information without using a PIM system adversely affects the work efficiency. Since data is spread across numerous channels and locations, missing of even a single piece of information can create a huge chaos in the workplace. If inaccurate information reaches your customers, it can greatly impact your business rapport. Any renowned enterprise knows how crucial it is to avoid such situations. Therefore, as a responsible organization, it is necessary to incorporate a PIM system that aids in easy data monitoring, and hence, improving your employees’ efficiency. 

#4 Your website ranking on search engine is getting worse

Having a complete and appealing product information not only helps you in bringing more sales, but also in achieving a higher position on the search engine page results. Major search engines like Google prioritize the sites whose shopping feed is structured and the data is complete. The more organized your product information is, the more are the chances of being ranked on top pages. As your website will appear on the top of SERPs, users are more likely to visit your website and make a purchase. A good starting point is to use ALT tags in your images and use particular keywords in your content. 


Thus, from above mentioned issues, amassing and managing the product information is vital for any digital shop. There are many PIM system providers in the market today, but Akeneo and PIMCore are highly popular because of being open source and offering tons of features. Each has its own pros and cons, so selecting the right PIM depends on your custom needs. If you are not sure which PIM to go for, contact Velox Softech today, and we will help you analyze  your business requirements and suggest a perfect PIM solution for your business.