At Velox Softech, we offer comprehensive Pimcore development services to deliver advanced web and mobile solutions that help companies expand their offerings by creating unified digital experiences. We are a team of experienced and professional Pimcore developers, holding adequate experience in designing excellent applications using Pimcore components.

By developing applications in Pimcore, you can provide a phenomenal journey to your users by creating a consistent and smooth experience on numerous platforms and devices. We help you build an innovative web solution with interactive front-end and solid back-end. So, whether you want mobile or web apps with powerful data, eCommerce and CMS capabilities or social sites and blogs, you can count on Velox Softech.

Pimcore is the most advanced Symfony based framework that is extensively used for creating robust product information management, content management, multichannel commerce, master data management and data asset management system. These tools altogether help companies to digitize their business in a more efficient and easier way. We offer Pimcore developers for hire who can help you fully exploit the capabilities of Pimcore adeptly.

Information Management:

We combine every piece of data and store them in a centralized system on Pimcore platform, helping businesses to manage their products conveniently.

Web Content Management:

With Pimcore, we can help you create responsive websites, mobile sites, mobile apps, eCommerce stores and so on with an editable feature.

Digital Asset Management:

Managing your digital assets are easy with Pimcore. The platform lets you manage hundreds and thousands of photos, videos, files and other media seamlessly within your network.

Multichannel E-commerce:

We can help you set up multichannel e-commerce using Pimcore so you can gain more visitors and convert them into customers with a stunning shopping cart, pricing structure, search filters, recommended products and so on.

Velox Softech is a leading Pimcore development company, known for its eCommerce and marketing services. Our dedicated Pimcore development team consists a bunch of talented minds who are competent in working with PHP, MySQL, JQuery, Zend and other web technologies. From CMS and eCommerce site to custom module development, mobile app development, API development, Pimcore migration, Pimcore upgradation and Pimcore configuration, we are able to provide complete Pimcore solutions at competitive prices.

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