What is Akeneo and How It Can Be Helpful to Your Business?

Akeneo is an open source PIM solution that helps businesses improve their productivity by supplying their teams with the most efficient and reliable platform to maintain consistent, high quality and accurate product information across numerous channels. By offering multi-channel importing and exporting data capability, Akeneo forms the central repository for all your product data that is critical for your company.

Often, the information displayed on the web pages is in complete. They are also of different details and quality as they are sourced from different sources. In such scenario, the processing and completing of data becomes complex and troublesome without much automation. That’s where the Akeneo PIM comes in. Akeneo allows you to optimize and automate your PIM tasks,and thereby improving your product information quality.

Here are 4 Key Advantages of Using Akeneo for Product Information Management

#1 Extremely User-Friendly

Akeneo has a very user-friendly user interface that is easy to understand and learn. Your team members can quickly and intuitively work with this web based PIM that features decent design trends and outstanding handling.Anybody with a little or no technical expertise can operate this software. The excellent usability of this platform cuts down the initial training efforts, so your employees can immediately start working on it and save your precious time. 

#2 Seamless Managing of Product Data

If your business has more than a thousand products, then you may already know the challenge of handling product information. Traditionally, a large chunk of the product information is stored in the ERP system and the data for the e-shop is stored in the CRM. This may result in gathering data from two different sources and work on inaccurate information. Akeneo can help you centralize all the data, and removes duplicate information, saving you from the tedious maintenance of various data sheets.

#3 Easy & Quick Importing of Product Details and Images

Along with maintaining consistent product information, there is also new addition of products on different online stores regularly. Here,PIM is the quick solution to import and export product data. Through Akeneo,you can add and update a myriad of products at a click of the button. If you are adding a duplicate product, Akeneo will detect it and update the existing entry rather than creating the duplicate. Furthermore, the software allows you to add multiple photos altogether, and you can continue your work without being interrupted by the import process.

#4 Compatible with Multiple Web Services

Akeneo, just like other PIMs, can help you transport data to numerous web channels. These web channels could be anything, from an e-commerce store to mobile app or brochure. You can choose to view shorter product descriptions on the mobile app or display only particular products in your webstore, you will be provided with the full control over channel customization. Akeneo also ensures that your each web service is updated constantly with the high-quality data.

There are many more benefits of using Akeneo PIM software for your business. Choose Velox Softech as your Akeneo development company and we will help you set up a fantastic PIM system that will flawlessly optimize and automate product management according to your business requirements.