Top 5 benefits of using CiviCRM in your organization

CiviCRM is a customer relationship management tool that is particularly created for non-profit organizations. It helps you to streamline your internal & external communications. It unifies & shares members, donors, clients & stakeholders information within a centrally located database.

Its ability to collaborate & share data with members from all the departments enhances productivity, data accuracy & eliminates duplicate records & paper-based administration. All of this contributes to nurturing relationships with donors & build a strong image.

Here are some major benefits of using CiviCRM in your organization.

#1 Absolutely Free

CiviCRM is an open-source CRM system, which means it is completely free to download & there are no licensing fees. The only cost you pay is a small monthly fee for managing the system, security measures & maintenance. Moreover, CiviCRM out of the box comes with integration with Joomla & Drupal. This further saves a lot of development costs of custom CRM integrations.

#2 Highly Flexible

CiviCRM is a highly customized & flexible CRM system that grows easily within the organization. Not only it allows you to access data from any device & any time, but the system can also adapt to new functionalities & positively react to new changes. This is highly beneficial for an organization that is looking to work on a CRM software for long-term & avoid making expensive & cumbersome system transitions.

#3 Better Task Management

CiviCRM uses activities for managing tasks across the organization. You can allocate a task to any member & monitor the progress of that task. Every member will be provided with a custom dashboard, which will display a list of all the activities assigned to him. The powerful task management abilities of CiviCRM allow better management of members & donors spread out in different locations.

#4 Keep a track of all Activities

CiviCRM has a dedicated Activity feature that allows you to track all the interactions & activities with your team members, clients, donors & everyone who is involved with the organization. It also allows you to create custom activity types with custom data fields, so you can gather data relevant to each type of action.

#5 Highly Secured

Security is a major concern for any organization working with a large amount of critical data. CiviCRM has inbuilt security features for securing the server to prevent unauthorized access, assigning access roles to users, protecting against a wide range of hacking techniques, changing file permissions to provide limited access to confidential information and more.

While working with CiviCRM, developers at Velox Softech ensure to implement the best practices for CiviCRM system that are customized to your needs.

The Bottom Line

Choosing CiviCRM has a lot of benefits and it has more features than other high-cost CRM systems. However, the true success of the software lies in your strategy of utilizing it.

If you’re convinced with the CiviCRM platform, but don’t know how to get started, contact Velox Softech today. We’ll help you set up & maintain the CiviCRM system based on your requirements that truly improves your organization’s efficiency.