How CiviCRM Can Help Organizations Grow And Forge Strong Relationships?

CiviCRM isn’t just regular open source Constituent Relationship Management system, but it offers a highly configurable platform,incorporated with public or private sites. A large community of government institutions, charities, non-profit organizations and NGOs rely on CiviCRM to manage their operations on growing relationships with their clients, members and other enterprises. Choose fully featured CiviCRM solution to run on any CMS system, including Drupal, Joomla and WordPress that includes support for organizing memberships, contacts, events, relationships, fundraisers, campaigns and more.

CiviCRM is a free web based CRM platform that is designed to meet the needs of charities and other non-profit institutions. Growing and sustaining strong relationships with organizations is more than just gathering and recording the data. It is about forging the bond with patrons with the passage of time. Presently, CiviCRM offers highly customizable and robust CRM system to surpass the expectations of any organization. With each new update release, CiviCRM strives to address the growing needs of its users.

Organizations can accomplish their goals through robust feature sets, including event management, relationship management, contact management, membership management, fundraising, case management and many more.Being available in more than 20 languages, such as English, Dutch, Chinese,French, Italian, German, Russian and Japanese, this makes CiviCRM the best choice for civic sector organizations across the globe.

Basic Components of CiviCRM


Contacts are the important components of CiviCRM. There are generally three types of contacts – individual, household and organization, and each contact contains information like:

  • Title, first name, last name, nickname
  • Contact number, email, website
  • Physical addresses
  • Contact preferences

CiviCRM also allows you to create and define custom contact types.


Relationships are a way to link two contacts with each other. Alongside nearly 14 types of relationships that can be defined in CiviCRM, you can also create custom relationship types based on your requirements.

  • Parent-child
  • Employer-employee.


Activities are the core concept of CiviCRM. They are meant to record interactions between the clients and organizations at any instant of time. This feature of CiviCRM is widely used in tracking activities like member registrations, email subscriptions, record donations, even attendance and soon. You can also create custom activity types based on the tasks that your organization performs.


Groups are a very useful component to distinguish two or more members that play common roles or perform common activities. For instance,a managing board of members can be declared as a group. Groups are also necessary if you have a list of email subscribers. Creating a group of all and then sending the email to all at once will reduce your efforts to a great extent. Groups can also be useful for managing access control. You can assign different access controls to different groups rather than assigning access to individual member.

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