What Makes Symfony Framework Great among other PHP Frameworks?

Software development is a nerve-racking task even for professionals. From attending boring meetings to understanding the client’s requirements and coding, every phase is challenging for developers. Now imagine that what if you need to write only a few codes, faster development time,reduce the chances of error and have readily available application resources? Seems great, isn’t it?

This is like a dream come true for software developers.Well, this is possible with the Symfony framework for PHP. Symfony is one of the most popular PHP frameworks that is built on a number of reusable and decoupled PHP components. The main purpose of Symfony was to speed up the tasks and provide user-friendly interface to developers so that they can build applications in the most convenient way possible. In this article we have mentioned some detailed advantages of Symfony.

#1 Faster Development Process

In today’s time when the market demands for high-performance and fast applications, the developers quickly need to turn to framework that can give them an abundant amount of components. Symfony not only offers a range of reusable components, but it is three times faster than Zend, which is another PHP framework. It also consumes very less memory and understands real world requirements to develop applications at a considerable speed.

#2 Higher Flexibility

Symfony is the PHP’s most feature-rich and user-friendly framework, which is empowered by MVC components. The framework allows you to have full control over the configurations and the features of the application. It gives you full flexibility to integrate other functionalities and it is also compatible with most databases. Thus, you can easily create dynamic and complex web applications with great ease and flexibility.

#3 Proven Dependability

Symfony has proven its dependability while other frameworks have failed over time. The developer of Symfony, SensioLabs, offers 3 years of complete support for any issue as well as lifetime support for any security issues you may face. The company strives to improve stability among all its earlier versions, so you can build a stable and sustainable application in any framework. That’s the reason companies, including National Geographic, Vogue and TED trust Symfony with their websites.

#4 Easy Testing

In programming, each line of code should be tested to ensure stability of its performance. An absence of rigorous dependencies, reusing of components and ability to create designs lead to better testing and maintainability in Symfony. It offers some great tools for behavioral,functional and unit testing to save significant efforts and time of the developers.

#5 Extended Interoperability

While Symfony is a great framework in itself, yet it doesn’t lock you up within it. It allows you to develop applications that exactly meet your requirements. Symfony follows PHP’s ‘de facto Standards’, including naming conventions and PHP Unit, which gives liberty to the developers to utilize certain components of its software building blocks without necessarily using the entire framework.

Thus, all these elements make Symfony one of the best web application development frameworks to work with. You can completely rely on Symfony even for large scale projects because of its vast technical advantages. However, always remember that no matter what tool or framework you choose, the success of an application is dependent on whether the development is in skilled and knowledgeable hands or not.