If you are looking to integrate the best and inexpensive constituency relationship management software in your organization, nothing can beat the CiviCRM. As this open source software is specially designed for charities and non-profit organizations, it is completely free to use. However, the system is as robust and strong as any other enterprise edition platform in the market that costs thousands just for licensing.

At Velox Softech, we have a team of expert web developers who can help you develop, install and run CiviCRM based on your requirements. If you are currently using a different CRM system, we can help you easily migrate your data to CiviCRM as well as train your staff on how to use the software efficiently. You will be allowed to access many components of CiviCRM, such as CiviMail, CiviEVENT, CiviCASE, CiviCONTRIBUTE, CiviREPORT and CiviMEMBER.

Our professional CiviCRM development services include:

CiviCRM data migration

Our CiviCRM web development professionals will help you migrate your data no matter how difficult it may seem. We have adequate expertise to undertake your migration task.

CiviCRM integration

When you hire our CiviCRM developers, they will install the CiviCRM system in your organization and start running it in no time.

CiviCRM customization

Though CiviCRM is powerful itself, we can customize it according to your needs so you can leverage maximum benefits.

CiviCRM training

Along with setting up CiviCRM, we also provide complete training on how to use the platform and around the clock support until you master the software.

CiviCRM flawlessly integrates into Drupal, WordPress or Joomla – the three most popular open source CMS platforms. Through CiviCRM, you can create online forms, allow your customers to register themselves, make payments, record contributions and donations, make membership renewals, update personal data, submit queries and much more. This all makes CiviCRM a central repository of any non-profit CRM information.

Contact us today for outstanding CiviCRM development in Brisbane, Australia and we will work hard to deliver cost-effective solutions to match your organization’s requirements.

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