How Velox Softech Can Reduce Development Cost and Time?

Every software development involves certain practices and processes to follow for successful release of the project. As the project size and requirements increase, the level of complication also grows. It’s the job of the software development company to make every possible effort in order to build, test and deliver the project in the timely and budgeted manner. One way to speed up the development process is to use Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD).

Every error discovered during testing passes through a series of development, integration and testing process. If this is done manually, it can consume a significant amount of time and efforts. Therefore, it becomes necessary to exploit test automation in CI/CD. And, only a competent and professional web development company like Velox Softech can know how to use the best CI/CD in context with test automation for successful delivery of the project on time and budget.

4 Ways CI/CD Can Accelerate Test Automation and Cut-Down Project Time & Budget

#1 Identifying the Tests That Can Be Automated

Since the test automation is vital to CI/CD, determining the tests that can be automated is one of the best CI/CD practice. Automating the tests that are implemented on a regular basis and the tests that require a particular team of testers can save a great amount of time. If tests are carried out by the testers manually, it may be prone to bugs and the productivity may decrease as the developers need to carry out the same tasks multiple times. And, if the tester who has the required knowledge is not available at a critical phase, then it may affect the overall development time. Such situations can be prevented by integrating test automation in CI/CD.

#2 Executing Parallel Testings for CI/CD

Parallel Testing is another best approach towards CI/CD. Test automation can greatly speedup the development process, but you can expect much better results if you incorporate parallel testing. Meaning, multiple automation processes can occur simultaneously, which may deliver results much quicker. However, executing test deployment of a website or software on an in-house infrastructure may not be feasible in terms of scalability and cost. That is why Velox Softech is here to help you perform testing automation in the least possible time and at the lowest possible cost.

#3 Centralized System for Code Maintenance

Maintaining the source code in a centralized system is considered one of the most important practices for CI/CD. During any software development process, the developers need to send code to the server, which may be the implementation of a new feature or fixing the bug. Similarly, the developers may need to fetch the code to get the latest code changes. The developers can stay updated with the latest code available on the system through CI/CD. Such control system is also required to record changes, determine changes and maintain an environment that allows easy carrying out of tasks.

#4 Learning from Past Projects

Every project passes through different phases like requirement gathering, project planning, development, testing, deployment and so on. Each phase delivers some data that can be used for better software planning and development in the next. You can keep a track of test automation methods being used for boosting the development process as an ideal CI/CD practice, and then you can look into the possibilities where the previous test automation technique can be reused. This can significantly save a lot of time rather than coming up with a new strategy.


All the above-mentioned insights can help you accelerate test automation as a best practice for CI/CD. There are a number of CI/CD tools available in the market,but you should always opt for the tool that matches your budget and requirements. Or, a good idea would be to consult Velox Softech as we have plenty of experience working with CI/CD and have helped a number of businesses receive their software in the most cost-effective and timely manner.