What Makes Pimcore a Great Choice for Your E-commerce Business?

In present e-commerce era, the quality of product information cannot be understated. Whether you are a manufacturer, distributor or retailer, you need a dedicated product data management tool in place that ensures high-quality, accuracy, consistency and completeness of data across all sales and marketing channels. That’s when Pimcore can into the play.

Pimcore is an open-source product management tool that is taking the world by the storm. With Pimcore, you can easily maintain your product information, edit and update content, publish data on multiple channels and do much more with your product data. It has become extremely popular across the globe and some big brands, such as Audi, IKEA and Intersport have already started using Pimcore.

Pimcore comes with a fully integratedsoftware stack for PIM, MDM, DAM, CMS and e-commerce, which makes it a perfectsolution for managing digital data.

As e-commerce is a part of Pimcore, you canalso optimize offline areas of your business through a single platform and integrate it with e-commerce. In this post, we will talk about what makes Pimcore anintegral part of e-commerce business and what are the benefits of using the Pimcoree-commerce solution.

In this post, we will talk about what makes Pimcore anintegral part of e-commerce business and what are the benefits of using the Pimcoree-commerce solution.

What Makes Pimcore an Excellent Choice for E-commerce?

Pimcore offers best-in-class e-commerce features that can be utilized by both small and large businesses depending ontheir e-commerce needs. Let’s take a look at what makes Pimcore an outstanding tool for e-commerce owners.

#1 Pimcore can handle millions of product SKUs

Pimcore’s scalable and intuitive data modelfacilitates organizations to manage data from any domain, relationships andattributes. It can easily manage thousands of products having millions ofattributes. Organizations can connect any amount of data and adapt effortlesslyaccording to the changes in real-time.

The platform keeps all the SKUsorganized and makes them accessible with ease throughout the product lifecycle.Moreover, Pimcore also optimizes searching, page loading speed, systemresponsiveness, real-time product data syncing across multiple channels anddata governance across the organization.

#2 Pimcore can deliver personalized shopping experiences

Customers today expect personalized shopping experiences no matter what platform they choose to shop from. In fact,personalization leads to better customer engagement and higher retention rate.

Arobust PIM system like Pimcore offers a single source of truth for all productinformation, ensuring accurate, consistent and up-to-date information ispublished across all customer touchpoints. Pimcore lets you store all thecustomer information and later use it to deliver engaging experiences with apersonal touch.

#3 Pimcore can reduce product lead times

Whether you are launching new products ornew sales channel, your time to market can make a great difference. In fact,failing to launch products on time may result in customers going over to yourcompetitors and you ending up losing the potential sale.

Pimcore’s MDM cansignificantly reduce product lead times as it enables you and your team toaccess, manage and edit any product information from a single repository. Itgives you a single trusted view to manage every aspect of product informationto improve your processes and workflows, and ultimately speed up time-to-marketof your products. This gives you a competitive edge and grab more of therevenue stream.

#4 Pimcore improves product data quality and consistency

Incomplete and incorrect product informationcan put off your customers and increases returns, which can significantlyimpact your overall sales and profits. But, with Pimcore, you can ensurecompleteness and consistency of data as it offers a centralized system tocollect, store, manage and review product data.

One single system to manageproduct data means less duplicate entries, less chaos, and ultimately, higher data quality. Any changes made in the PIM system will be reflected across alle-commerce platforms.

#5 Pimcore supports multi-channel selling

Customers today use different platforms forshopping. Product data inaccuracy and incompleteness are among the biggestchallenges for e-commerce retailers when approaching multichannel andomnichannel selling. Since customers use multiple channels for shopping, it hasnever been so important to offer a unified shopping experience across allcustomer touchpoints.

Pimcore enables consistent and complete distribution ofproduct data across multiple channels, including web shops, social media and othersales and marketing channels.

Pimcore also automates many marketing tasksrelated to product data, such as data mapping, data entry and data enrichment,which can save a considerable amount of time and efforts when dealing withmultiple platforms.

#6 Pimcore improves overall operational efficiencies

Product information in an organization isdistributed amongst many departments and channels. Any error in the data canlead to severe consequences, such as monetary loss.

When internal operations are considered, having a master product database can eliminate errors andimprove overall efficiency. From warehouse and inventory management to pricingand shipping, Pimcore ensures consistent and complete data availability. Pimcorehelps automate product related decisions and enables a smooth flow of dataacross all software systems.

Why you should use Pimcore for your business?

Why you should use Pimcore for your business?

In today’s business world, delivering excellent product experiences is critical to win customers’ heart. Customersdemand up-to-the-date, in-depth and reliable information about products,regardless of the channel they use to purchase your products.

When you are notable to handle product information properly, you stand to lose customers, andyour market share may fall if you fail to deliver engaging user experiences.

Pimcore helps in fulfilling product content demands that are becoming more demanding every passing day. Pimcore also facilitates uniform distribution of quality, enriched product data on multiple sales channels. With an efficient product information management system in place, it can also smoothen the workflow and quicken time to market.

Final Thoughts

Pimcore delivers exceptional value to e-commerce retailers by eliminating the data discrepancyand data silos. It reduces the risk of errors in the data, synchronize theinformation across multiple channels and distribute product content through asingle platform, leading to improved business processes and higher profits. Ithelps create appealing digital experiences that not only bring more sales, butalso help organizations grow.