The Best 5 Web Development Elements To Use in 2019?

There are lots of benefits of having an amazing website. An attractive and responsive website can boost your sales incredibly by giving your visitors a reason to be your potential customers. While the web development technology is changing at a rapid pace, it  becomes imperative to follow all the trends in order to sustain in this competitive market. With each year bringing new innovations, here we will see some major website development trends that are probably ongoing or going to happen in 2019.

#1 Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

With more people using mobile phones to access the internet,this calls for the development of a responsive mobile website. Based on a Google report, over 50% mobile audience leaves the mobile web page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Progressive Web Apps are actually web pages or websites, but they appear like mobile application to the users. They are aimed to deliver faster and native-like experience to users across all devices and platforms by combining traditional applications and web services. Therefore,people can experience full app-like experience without downloading the app.

#2 Smart Chatbots

Chatbots these days are powered by Artificial Intelligence that converses with you the same way as if you were talking to a real customer service executive. Intelligent Chatbots help solve all your queries and question in the best possible way. Chatbots are designed with intelligent response capabilities which are supplied with numerous situations and examples.In the upcoming years, Chatbots will become an integral part of any website to answer your customers any time of the day, which can certainly drive more conversions.

#3 Virtual Reality

A trend that has begun from the gaming industry, it has now started influencing web development industry too. Companies like Mozilla and Google has already started working on APIs to bring VR technology to the website.As standards continue to rise, we expect to see more applications to be created with VR. In this year, we are anticipating VR in various web apps, ranging from virtual real estate tours to news reporting. Virtual Reality is aimed to deliver an absolute indulging experience that will shut out the physical world.

#4 Single Page Design

Based on the principle of convenience and speed, websites are coming up with a single page design by putting all the information on the single page. Rather than the traditional way of putting each topic on the separate page, a single page website allows users to get rid of complex navigation. The user experience has definitely become the most important factor, and scrolling on the same page works the best on both desktop and mobile devices. Moreover, it not only simplifies the interaction of your prospects with your website, but it is also inexpensive to build.

#5 Push Notifications

Push Notifications have become one of the most critical components of the website to notify your users about the new stuff without having them to open their emails or visiting your website. Push notifications are a type of pop-ups that can reach you anytime and anywhere no matter what you are browsing. It is expected to replace the traditional newsletter emails as push notifications have clickable capabilities and they are a lot easier to manage for both the website owners and users. The biggest advantage of push notifications is you can keep your visitors engaged without much effort.