Humans are visual creatures, goes the age old adage. From paintings, architecture, films, graphic novels to even cartoons, the aesthetic appeal of a form of expression is what captivates someone on the first look. In contemporary times, applications and websites are no less than a medium of visual expression considering how a single individual witnesses a plethora of web pages and multimedia content in a single day.

This is precisely why we believe that your UI/UX design should stand out. Our team of UI/UX designers not only possesses the technical expertise to develop an engaging, intuitive and captivating UI/UX design but they also have the creative flair to bring your imagination to life. Our user-centric UI/UX design services adhere to the motto that the ‘customer is king’.

Why Choose Us?

  • Our designers have worked across a wide assortment of projects in diverse business segments and for customers of various sizes.
  • Our UI/UX designs are marked by a high degree of usability, functionality while having an identity of their own.
  • Our design mantra is simple – we aim to deliver standout UI/UX designs that attract traffic and encourage users to stay on the page in order to enhance engagement and dwell times.
  • From mobile app UI designs to mastering the field of web UI/UX designs, we are here to not only cater to your expectations but exceed them with each project we undertake.

Our Design Process

At Velox Softech, creating the perfect UI/UX design does not happen overnight. In fact, it is a systematic, structured and mutual effort where our designers discuss customer expectations, outline specifications and help comprehend their vision for the end-result. Once these aspects our locked down, we vigilantly go over each requirement and carefully select the most appropriate design tools that can help us deliver the best ever UI/UX designs for each customer and drive the project to a triumphant end.

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