Sylius is an outstanding eCommerce platform that is based on a highly popular PHP framework – Symfony. It is a perfect choice for small as well as large sized businesses because of the custom solutions it offers. Whether you are a small business owner who doesn’t require much of extended functionalities and want to bring online store faster in the market or a large corporation looking for highly customized eCommerce storefront, our Sylius development services are ideal for all businesses alike.

Velox Softech offers custom Sylius online store development services, which includes building strategy, implementing features, migrations, integrations and many more, all of which are directed towards driving more sales. Our solutions cater to the diverse needs of clients, adhering to utmost quality standards along with timely delivery.

As Sylius is an eCommerce platform powered by Symfony, it is based on modern technology stack. It has excellent features, which makes it perfect for eCommerce development.

Sylius development notable features are:

Optimize your store for any device:
Sylius offers plenty of inbuilt features that make it very easy to optimize applications for multiple devices.

Support for different payment gateways:
With Sylius, you can integrate all the popular payment gateways in your online store to serve a wide audience base.

Excellent design:
Sylius allows you to develop unique design to include all the essential features and easy integrations for the successful growth of your store.

Easy to host and scale:
Sylius provides support for many hosting platforms, such as Heroku and Google Cloud, allowing you to integrate new features and scale your business.

Easily connects with your existing systems:
As Sylius is designed to handle tons of integrations, you can connect your existing CRM, ERP, PIM, inventory, mailing and other tech systems with Sylius to make it more robust.

Being a leading Sylius development company, we have always focused on delivering high-quality and results-driven solutions to our customers. We provide experienced and professional Sylius developers for hire who are adept in building complex web applications using the Sylius framework in order to foster your business at a faster pace than your competitors without compromising on quality. So, contact us today for Sylius web development and watch your online visibility and sales explode.

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